Technology Revolution_Whitelion
Technology Revolution_Whitelion

This Independence day we all will take time out to celebrate precisely. As how in recent times the advancement of specific technology and automation liberated various types of companies. The independence of India itself has been a turning point in its economic history. We are celebrating our 74th independence day on 15 August 2020 and the truth has happened to us that we are a long way. From being an underdeveloped nation ruled by the British to a prosperous economy in the developing world .

The country was hopelessly poor as a result of British deindustrialization. We have a huge market and an enormous pool of talent to fuel our growth. In the past 74 years it has achieved a lot. Science and technology are one of the areas where India has made great achievements and seen the technological transition. Computers have a profound influence on society. The revolution often called the “digital revolution” has almost four phases of technology.

Digital Revolution

The first generation wherein computers were invented and used vacuum pipes for their electrical logic. And liquid mercury safety, changing industry all over the world in the early 1960s. The business became a pioneer in this age of computers.

The second generation occurred in the 1980s when customers became clients for personal computers, and India would not have seen the first wave of IT entrepreneurship without that.

If the Internet had not spread, the third generation may not have flourished. This was the age of popular and micro computers, bigger organized machines and desktop-small enterprises.

The fourth started with the adoption of smart devices , data analytics and artificial intelligence. Further it went with the automation industry.

Fifth Generation: The future, this period will concentrate on collaboration between man and machine. When human intellect functions in conjunction with cognitive computation, employees may be able to have value-added employment in their industry by bringing humans back into industrial manufacturing with interactive robotics. More advanced work and the recognition of natural languages are features that users understand, but software that enhances their features through self learning will change everything in the future in the technical world.

On this independence day as we all are going to stay at home due to this pandemic let’s change our home and know more about switches.Switches illuminate the house. You would say that lighting and bulbs do it, but the light control is the switch.So you have come to the right place if you want to get new lighting solutions for your home!! Here you find everything you need to choose the right switches, so you do not have to think about your home’s lighting.


Just Like Anything Switches too have their history. Let us find out how the switches developed over time with technological advancement


A quick break switch established in 1888 by Henry Holmes. The main problem that it solved the switches contact did not create an electrical arching whenever the circuit opened or closed. This increased switch life.


The thumb switch light works on a single lever system, unlike the more common push-button switch. The switch is pressed, then turned down to close the circuit and return the electrical outlet’s power


This is the most common switch presently as the simple circuit life of the switch extended. This is flammable, reducing fire chances by a circuit break. The switches are 1.00,000 clicks long.


Not only does a smart touch switch turn light on or off, it also adjusts the light intensity. This helps you to change the color of the light according to your mood! The switch has variable resistors to change the intensity of the switch.


Switches were invented earlier in the early 80s. They used for on-off purposes only before. The new switches that are currently available are not only possible to turn on and off for various purposes. Some of the purposes are to adjust the lamp’s luminosity, to regulate fan speed and to adjust the comfortable room ‘s temperature. Most of the time, switches type still mounted wall and give a mechanical sound. But technology developments have also made it possible to use sensitive touch or motion switches!



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