Google 2020 Core Update: Everything You Need to Know

Google December 2020 Core Update

Recently Google has announced the December 2020 Core Update which was announced on 3 December 2020. Full roll out of this update took nearly 2 weeks time and the full rollout got completed on 17th December.

Google makes many changes in its algorithm on a regular basis. But google does not inform us about many of them. But when there is some very important algorithm update rollout that google wants us to know. Google announces that update as a Core Update which is the major and very important algorithm update of the year. As we all know google announces some search engine core algorithm updates every year.

Earlier this year of 2020 google announced a May 2020 core update where many sites were badly affected. Because they did not do their homework properly. In this update google focused mainly on the user experience. Importantly content on your site should be user friendly, you should update content on your website on regular basis to provide reader with latest information, with this update the people who were regularly updating content on their site but somehow were not able to get rankings because of low DA PA and domain score got chance to rank higher.

Industries and Sectors affected with this update

Volatility Graph by SEMrush Sensor

On the second day of Rollout most of the sites crossed SEMrush sensor graph volatility above 9, Green Zone Categories like Books and Real Estate which did not show much variation on the first day, they also showed noticeable volatility and got high variation this time. Same was the case with Shopping industries but later they came again on their previous levels.

Top Search Engine Ranking Gainers

On Mobile platforms this core update highly boosted the rankings of sectors like law and government, Real Estate and Health while in case of desktop sites the most affected sites are finance and travel. The most affected sector is Industrial Companies and Business, Fitness and Beauty and Telecom which are the winners in search engine rankings.

For exampleLinked In gained 11th average position from 47th average position which is from business category, ZoomInfo jumped from 67th number to directly 13th number position which is again a huge spike in business and industrial sector.

Websites with Big Loss in Search Engine Rankings

The domains in the sector of News, shopping and Online Communities saw the biggest losses followed by Health, Arts and Entertainment, Games, Computers and Electronics, Telecom, Real Estate, Sports, Garden, Beauty and Fitness, etc. These sites saw losses in the google organic traffic and SERP position.

For which is the Internet and Telecom Site lost its position by 94. which is a News website saw loss of 83 in its position on google SERP. which is again one most popular website saw the loss of 55 in its ranking. AliExpress saw significant loss of 35 points in shopping industry.

The websites which have visitors above 1 million or 10 million are the greatly affected sites in this core update.

How to get Rankings after Google December 2020 core update

  • You should Update your content regularly to make it relevant for users who are searching for the latest information or news.
    For example — Suppose if there are 100 movie websites and some of them post latest year 2020 or 2021 movies on their channel. Then google will prefer them more than other high DA PA websites which do not update their movies regularly.
  • You should provide best content in the industry
    Whatever you are writing on your website you should have expertise on that topi. Or at least you should have thorough understanding of that topic. Then and then only you can explain it more elaborately. And this type of content will also satisfy the reader’s curiosity.
    For Example — If you are writing about specific Medical Surgery then you should have expertise on that. Or else you should have sufficiently read about that surgery so that you can give your opinion on it.
  • Content should provide Original Information backed with research and analysis.
  • Your article should provide more interesting information based on facts and analysis. In order to grab readers attention and make him read complete article.
  • Content which you are providing has to be plagiarism free.
  • Title or heading should able to convey the overall idea or essence of the article.
  • If you are taking anything from others website then you should mention the source with that piece of content. (Outbound Links)
  • Basis to basic, the content should at least be free from the factual errors or spelling mistakes. These are easily notice.
  • You should not place lots of ads into your page because they distract the audience and reduce their retention to the article.
  • Your article should provide more substantial value to the readers than the other pages.
  • You should not only serve google better but ultimately remember that audience retention is the key to ultimate success in Google’s rankings. So your pages should serve readers intent and do not misguide them by writing long articles for higher rankings. You Should try to avoid Thin Content (The 12). Content which does not add Value to the user. Or the Content which is a scrap or duplicate taken from the sites which provide high value).
  • Don’t use auto generated content on your site.
  • Increase the word count of your articles which ultimately shows your expertise in that field.

Don’t add unnecessary words but try to add more useful and insightful information.

Source: Google Webmasters

Final Words

In this Article we saw, what is Core Update. And How it is very important to follow these updates to rank higher on Google’s Search Page.

With the help of this article I have tried to explain most crucial points which you need to follow in order to rank on Google’s search page. Many people saw increase in their websites ranking after the rollout of this Google December 2020 core update. Because they were regularly updating their content and making it better and better day by day.

This is a very wonderful opportunity for all low domain authority bloggers. Because now Google not only see’s domain’s authority for ranking but also considers articles which although having Low DA PA and Domain Score but provide very good valuable information to their readers.

Even after doing all SEO, It can happen that your blog will not rank on Google’s first page then that does not necessarily mean that your article is not good, but it actually means that you need to increase authority and build more backlinks for that page or site. Some years before Backlinks were the sureshot way for ranking on google. So many websites used to rank on the basis of backlinks only but they were not providing much value to their readers but now the things are changing, Now Google ranks only those sites which provide good value and experience to their users.

So this was the complete overview of Google 2020 Core Update and All the Best for your further SEO.



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