Google releases the developer preview 1 of Android 11

3 min readAug 21, 2020


Android 11 Developer preview_WhitelionInfosystems
Android 11 Developer preview_WhitelionInfosystems


Google has finally launched the much-speculated developer preview 1 of Android 11. This will form the interface for many upcoming gadgets and applications by Google. Developers are free to explore this version, which can be downloaded from and will contain the SDK for some of Google’s flagship items like the Pixel models and Android Emulator.


Android 11 has done a great job when it comes to features. While some of them have been majorly improved, others have been added. Additionally, Google has combined quite a few advantages in this preview version. They are as follows:

  • Improvements in conversation
  • 5G facilities
  • Better privacy
  • Better security measures
  • App compatibility with Neural Networks API 1.3
  • Image betterments
  • Improved cameras
  • Connectivity upgrades
  • Google Play updation
  • Other low latency changes

Moreover, the features Android 11 boasts of, set the yardstick high. Some of the best ones are as follows:

Chat bubble

Developers had expected to see this in Android 10, but Google took its time, and this feature is now available in the preview 1 version of Android 11. This will be a perfect option for messaging or chat applications which are (currently) using Bubble API.

Notification shade

This feature makes chatting all the easier as messages from other chats appear in a different section on the notification bar while one is still conversing with someone else.


Introduced by Android 10, Android 11 will also have the one-time permission feature whereby the users will be able to change the permissions given to the basic background applications like contacts, location, and camera.

Image sending

Google has improved the way users send images by allowing them to send an image right from the notification shade mentioned above. There will be no need to access the concerned application every time one wants to send or forward an image.

Muting vibrations

Users have often complained about vibrations while they are taking a picture or watching a video. It isn’t very pleasant, and Google has done away with it in this new version of Android. Now, these vibrations, from notifications, alarms, etc., will be muted while a user is using the camera or watching a video or movie on their device.

Scoped storage

This is a security measure taken by Google to protect user data from harmful apps. Android 11 will have improved scoped storage features to safeguard users.

Driving license accessibility on mobile

With digitization becoming the norm of the society, Google has taken it a notch higher by providing features to digitize the driving license. Of course, it shall first need a green signal from the respective governments. Once that has been received, users will gain full access to this feature

5G support

Promoting the hype that 5G has created among the tech-savvy during the past year, Google has incorporated 5G support in Android 11. This means users will be able to access 5G connectivity benefits as soon as it is launched in their respective countries.


Google has never failed to surprise users with their products, and Android 11 is no different. Currently, open only for developers, it is going to be an exciting experience for all who love to explore technology.

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