How much does it cost to make an app like TikTok?

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In minimal time, TikTok has carved a niche for itself in the gamut of video making and editing apps. Due to offering an extremely user-friendly interface empowered with intuitive features. Isn’t it sound surprising to a few that TikTok had vivid names. From the name ‘’ to ‘Douying’ to finally making the most of But, after ByteDance acquired it, it has indeed come a long way.

TikTok: A brief introduction

TikTok is a remarkable interactive app. This enables users to create, edit, and upload videos based on music content and trending dialogues. Since the features are AI-powered consisting of image capturing technologies and deep learning. Users cannot stop going gaga about 3D stickers, trending music, a vast array of interactive filters, and more. This app has transformed itself into a talent showcasing powerhouse. This also allows for diversified talents. Thus, the user can showcase their skills and knowledge seamlessly and reach worldwide users. The only thing user has to do is download the app.

Key reasons why TikTok is recognized as a thoroughly engaging app:

  • Effortless video sharing on multiple social media platforms
  • Fast-paced image capturing
  • Capability to broadcast music videos
  • Remarkable filters and effects
  • Dedicated music library featuring trendy songs

Factors that make TikTok unbeaten

  • Effortless content creation

TikTok is not the first platform to allow users to create, edit, and upload videos. YouTube has been in existence much before TikTok. However, the former imparts a swift experience of creating content. While the later counterpart is comparatively about experiencing a longer duration for the same process.

  • Identified target audience

TikTok has clearly targeted the young generation emphasizing Gen Z. He better know what attracts youth and that is offering innovative features. Hence, in minimal time it became successful in outshining other similar apps.

  • Influencers’ engagement

By recognizing the significance of Influencers’ engagement. This app shows whom they have partnered with. Even celebrities also attract to worldwide users.

TikTok’s staggering success has compelled many startups. By discovering the secret to its accomplishment. TikTok’s community is witnessing an upward swing with time all across the globe. Are you desire to know the reason why TikTok is thriving? You must need to know what features are required to create a TikTok-like app, and the cost involved, here find out:-

Indispensable features that must be included in a TikTok-like app

  • Easy Sign up and Log in
  • Edit profile
  • Upload videos
  • Effects and Filters
  • Video editing
  • Commenting and Hearts
  • Notifications
  • Sharing
  • Several payment options
  • Admin panel
  • Video preview before uploading
  • Location-based content
  • AR Filters
  • Real-time analytics

The process to Develop an App

1. Research related to the Target Market

2. Selection of Monetization Model

3. Taking Decision regarding Mobile App Development Options

4. Creating an MVP

Estimated Cost to create an App Like TikTok

The tentative cost to create a TikTok like app may start from $35000. Also, it might be going up beyond $75000. Based on market demand, trends, location of the company, number of features, complexity level, platform, programming languages, design complexity, required resources, the platform used, and more.

There are mainly two options to create a TikTok- like an app, either outsourcing a firm with a specialization in app development or hiring in-house Android or iOS developers. Both options come with their set of pros and cons. The expertise and experience of the developer also play a decisive role in the app cost.

The bottom line

Using TikTok is no rocket science owing to its user-friendly features involving minimal efforts. Be it creating video, editing video, following others. Each task is exceptionally effortless and non-time consuming.

All effects and filters are designed emphasizing aesthetic appeal. From face filters to music libraries. From voice recording feature to a multitude of special effects. Even celebrities seem completely awestruck by the inventive of this dynamic app.

If you have been toying with an idea to create a TikTok-like app. Yes, it is possible to translate your vision into practicable solutions. But the client has to hire a reputed and experienced app development company. Based on the required technical exposure, such a firm will be able to work on your app concept while integrating the expected advanced features.

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