Think Design Isn’t Your Responsibility? Wrong answer

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The best design is worth nothing unless it can be turned into a superior product. Well, this is a sentiment that most business owners agree upon. However, adhering to this notion is not always easy. Sure, a company has several highly qualified professionals on the team who are eager to get going. The designer may put forward the most innovative and exciting design and collaborate with the other techies to transform it into a usable product. Unfortunately, the design may get lost in the way with the final product being different from what the designer had envisioned at first. Thus, begins the blame game with the sales and marketing team coming into play to find customers willing to spend good money on it. The other alternative would be to scrap the product together and start anew. This would mean incurring a loss and dampening of spirits.

Worry not! McKinsey’s Themes of Good Design gives you a road-map to follow.

Leadership and Design

McKinsey believed that companies with a strong team at the top could amp up their performance without wasting time. The top management needs to understand the efficacy of working with a superior design. Moreover, equal emphasis is placing on the quality of the design and revenue and tracking of the product life cycle. Simply deeming it as important will not do the trick. Instead, it is essential for the management to remain genuinely interested in the outcome and its reception by the customers. Interacting with the clients regularly can help to keep that spark of curiosity alive. With superlative design becoming apparent in the final product.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

There are no specialists in a good company today. Instead, everyone on the team is well-versed in the process. This helps each member take on additional responsibilities as and when required. While the idea is not entirely novel, it does bring in the results. You would thus be amazed to find the team members interested in developing the product from start to finish irrespective of their skills. This kind of collaboration helps the team gain a better insight into the process and the goal. Innovative ideas from different individuals are often the result of diverse groups bringing their minds together to boost productivity and spearhead success. An engineer takes on a designer’s role. While a tester becomes the prototype creator that helps to keep the team happily engaged, leading to the discovery of hidden talents.


The design comes to fruition after a product based on it is launched successfully, right? Well, this is where you can go wrong. Remember that giants such as Google and Apple continuously tweak their products, coming up with updated versions. The theory of “continuous iteration” keeps the company relevant for years. No matter what the original design had been when the product was launched years before.

Customer Satisfaction and product

The customer is the king, ultimately. You should then focus on CX in order to ensure the success of the product. Researching into the need and desires of the target audience can provide an insight into what the end-user seeks. Making use of the design to create a useful and relevant product will go a long way in keeping the customer’s interest and excitement about it. It is the onus of the entire team. Along with the designer, to give the client exactly what he/she expects.

Sure, the success of a company begins with the right design. However, it is not the be-all and end-all for the designer. Instead, the company needs to involve the entire team for a fruitful culmination. Which ends with the product’s launch and goes beyond. Business enterprises have found unprecedented success by depending on the four fundamentals proposed by McKinsey.

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