Top IoT Trends For Businesses To Keep An Eye On In 2020

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IoT or the Internet of Things is from the same technology pool that powers AI, ML, and any other sort of automation. However, IoT has a broader market since the world is gearing up for the future every day. Internet of Things refers to anything that uses the internet. But was not suppose to in the simplest of scenarios. For example, your refrigerator that can order milk once it senses you are running out of the same is using IoT behind the scenes. Similarly, most air conditioners today can detect the location of a person in a room. The machine automatically concentrates on cooling the occupied area more.

Top IoT Trends

IoT trends are no different from those in fashion- they change every year.

Given the dire situation that the world is facing in 2020. Here is a list of trends in IoT that are expected to raise the bar:

Industrial IoT

IoT in the industry has already been on trend for some years. Companies worldwide are actively trying to automate all their procedures, as this is likely to reduce manual labour, which could be put to use elsewhere.

Smart Cities

Recently, governments across the world have started investing in innovative, smart cities. The concept of smart cities by Nokia. The concept of it is open to a lot of developments since it is still a new concept. These cities are likely to have automated services. Which is still being contemplated upon. The project itself might span across a few years, although they have started working on it.

IoT in social and cyber-security

Social and cybersecurity is a matter of great importance today. More so, due to the threats that they undergo. IoT can help substantially to make the security systems safer by automating certain processes like tracking, tracing, and alarms in case of social threats.

Client consultations and training

Client consultations and training typically involve repetitive information delivery, with negligible change. With the help of IoT, this process can be automated. To save resources like time and manpower.


Blockchain is yet another area where IoT heavily utilised. Since the industry can bring in a lot of monetary benefits, which is of the utmost importance in the current scenario, we can imagine why this might be trending in 2020.

Automation and machines

This is the general area of IoT trends. It has been trending for quite some time and is likely to continue doing so in the next few years simply because of the demand for automatic machines and appliances especially on the home front.


IoT trends in 2020 have a lot to do with the current pandemic scenario. Since this estimated to remain for some time, we can expect these trends to persist even long after the situation gets better.

Let’s have a look at few of our case studies based on internet of things such as healthcare, eScooter trend.




Director of Finance and HR at WHITELION

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Director of Finance and HR at WHITELION

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