Visualizing the COVID-19 Impact on the Reputation of Mobile Apps

The pandemic-induced isolation from all social circles. And this has completely changed the relationship consumers have with technology. With the physical world being pushed to mere oblivion. Consumers have suddenly started showing a greater amount of interest in mobile apps for communication, delivery of essential items, health, and wellness, shopping, etc. (Source)

COVID-19 impacts on mobile apps_WhitelionInfosystems
COVID-19 impacts of mobile apps_WhitelionInfosystems

Encouraged by governments of many countries, there has been immense pressure on the tech industry to facilitate effective digital solutions. With people told to work from home and maintain social distancing, the pandemic has deepened reliance on various types of tech services. It is evident that the trends are accelerating in favor of the app developing agencies.

Bolstering the App Economy

There is no doubt that consumers are looking for varied ways to manage their lifestyles in lock-down. In the majority of the cases, apps are the most viable solutions. With over $24 billion spent over app stores, consumers are using apps like never before.

Let’s take the example of video conferencing apps. It has given the sizable number of people working from home nowadays. And there is no wonder that video chat apps are experiencing massive growth. Due to this massive growth, app developers are making the apps more versatile and functional to ensure they can meet the current demand. There are video conferencing apps in which 500 participants can attend a meeting at any one time.

Types of Mobile Apps Experiencing High Demand with the Advent of COVID

The digital world has emerged as the top solace in a time of pandemic like COVID-19. Being everything confined to home, there are various apps which are slowly emerging as our lifeline. In other words, our reliance on digital technologies is on an ever-increasing spree.

Business and Education Apps

With the ongoing quarantine and lock-down period, companies and educational institutions have shifted to work from home criteria. So, quite obviously, certain business and educational apps are being downloaded to work and maintain social distancing. If there is no ideal solution to this pandemic then only the trend of using apps will increase.

Impact of covid-19 on usage of social mobile apps_Whitelion
Impact of covid-19 on usage of social mobile apps_Whitelion (Source)

Social Media Apps

Along with other apps, people also spend more time on social media apps to stay updated. Undoubtedly, social media platforms provide the latest updates related to any major event. On the other hand, online streaming apps are also experiencing huge demand. Also, people are tuned-in to various types of online content to pass their time fruitfully.

Healthcare Apps

In the COVID-19 pandemic, people are more aware of their health and other sanitization measures. So, healthcare apps are quite popular nowadays. So, from ordering multivitamins to essential medicines, these apps can be your best bet.

Travel Apps

Being in the midst of social distancing, the popularity of travel apps has suffered a massive blow. With more people finding the long lost relationship with their home. Hence, the travel industry is going through a rough patch.


No doubt, this pandemic has unleashed the true potential of digital platforms. While the economy has suffered a great deal, you can take this time out to develop your app. This would also provide employment to others which would benefit the economy.

Let’s have a look for such app development cost, advantages and features; Social app, Travel app, Healthcare app, Grocery app.



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