Why a company should Invest in Customer Experience?

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The days are gone when the key to winning customers depended on the quality of the products or services that a business offers. Yes, quality still matters. But a significant factor that leads to a successful relationship is providing a great customer experience (CX).

Investing in customer experience can help a business reach better heights. But, a bad one can instantly drag it down. The better the customer experience you deliver, the more positive reviews and repeat customers you will receive. It is a no-brainer that more positive reviews mean fewer customer complaints.

How to improve the customer experience?

There is no McKinsey’s guideline that can guarantee to give great customer experience. Your company is unique and so are your customers. Here we have compiled a list of four common tactics that you can incorporate in your business to improve your customer experience.

Give a personalized experience to your customers:

The secret to improving customers’ experience lies in giving them a personalized experience. Gaining context in terms of their habits, preferences, personalities, likes, dislikes, etc. can help your customer’s support provide greater service and faster resolutions. If your company comprehends your customers’ demands, desires, and dislikes, you can better connect and resolve the issues that they face. By giving your customers personalized experience, your customer support team can better recognize your customers. Thus, provide a service they wish to have.

Develop an emotional connection with your customers:

“It does not matter what you say; it matters how you say it.” This well-said axiom. Exactly fits the situation when it comes to delivering an improved CX. Yes, you can achieve the best CX when your staff wins to develop an emotional connection with your customers. This way you can build their loyalty towards your business. A business that has an emotional connection with its customers tends to outperform its competitors in sales growth. Also, emotionally engaged customers are:

  • More likely to re-purchase with you.
  • More likely to recommend your offerings.
  • Less likely to shop around.
  • Less likely to bargain.

Ask for customer feedback:

How will you know you are delivering a “WOW” or “WORST” CX? The ideal way to know it is to capture your customers’ feedback in real-time. You can do it by:

  • Using live chat technique.
  • Dropping a follow-up email.
  • Sending a live link to ask the experience.
  • Making outbound calls to gain more insightful feedback.

Measure the ROI through NPS:

Lastly, how will you know that all your efforts and investment spent improving customer experience are working and paying off? The answer is measuring the ROI. And you can do it by using the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This technology collects valuable information by asking a simple question to your customers: “How likely would you recommend this company to your friends and family?”


Making customers feel that they are the top priority is highly important in today’s competitive age. However, achieving improved customer experience is a challenge. It comes from constantly listening to your customers’ questions, resolving their queries on time, taking actions on their feedback, and making them feel special. A company that wins to gain improved customer experience always enjoys a positive return on its investment.

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