Why App Matters And How You Can Improve It For Higher User Retention?

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The entire idea of doing business is to look for something that will help you and the entire company grow regularly. In reality, the decision to build your own mobile application may have originated from that purpose. It’s time to start taking another move forward after you have created an app for your company. And have benefited hugely from it in terms of market share and the revenue you’ve received from it.

Each day more applications are introduced to each app store, and the rivalry level is higher than it has ever been. App ratings and reviews consequently play a vital role in the success of the applications available in the app stores. When you’re making an application, there’s typically at least 1 app that’s identical to yours. So, you need to win attention in this fight where every factor makes all the difference in gaining the attention of the customer. Users won’t download your application when it is available with low ratings. Fifty percent of visitors to the app store will not even consider downloading a 3-star application. You hand new downloads to competing companies when your reviews are negative, and your star rating is 3 or below.

Work on App’s Quality and User Experience

Usually, people don’t leave bad reviews for little to no reason. Even if reading negative remarks about your app isn’t funny. Please bear in mind that learning from them could be the best way of getting great reviews. If people are constantly complaining about bugs, you didn’t even know about it. Then hiring a QA team could be a game-changer for your mobile app.

Reducing the app size

It is in your best interests to keep the application size small, and in the interest of prospective app users. When you can keep the size of the app below 5 MB, you can get much higher conversion from the app stores. When this occurs, the feedback that goes to Google is that it’s a fantastic app you’ve created, and people want to use it. There are a variety of technologies, including, but certainly not limited to, Proguard, Lint, 9patch images, PNG optimizers, etc. All of which can be used to optimize the mobile application size you have developed. One small hack that is not exactly formally verified. But does appear to function is to integrate the Google+ sign into your app to install OTA.

Work on Feedbacks

If people feel noticed and/or have their issues answered. They will also update a negative review (or fully bring it down). But whatever you choose, don’t react by lecturing the individual or trying to make them look very bad. Even if your gripes are real, this will typically make you seem unnecessarily rude and offensive to read your responses to other users. Taking a supportive tone is nice and showing care in every response.

Promote the app

The launch of a marketing campaign will make a huge difference after you have streamlined the life cycle of software creation and enhances performance. Having an influx of new users into the enhanced app also leads to fresh, constructive feedback — not to mention potential users. When you don’t want to pay for advertising, you can look to boost your ASO as well.

Not all of these steps can focus on improving ratings in your app overnight. Yet Apple and Google would certainly be flagging it as questionable if they could! If you’re following one or more of them, you’re likely to be very well on your way to getting improved app ratings and happier clients.



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